Why should I choose VisionQuest Foster Care Services? 

VisionQuest has served the Tucson Community for more than 40 years. Our knowledge and experience allow for high-quality service and care for children and families. 

Time to change your expectations. VisionQuest is excited to introduce the first foster care support app Care Connect available exclusively through VisionQuest. Have access to video tutorials, crisis management tips, and all emergency numbers at your fingertips 24/7. All you need to do is commit and show up!

Our compassionate,dedicated and friendly staff provided ongoing support and training for foster families, including preparation groups, post care, follow-up and discharge support.

VisionQuest family finders work personally with your family in order to match your strengths with the unique needs of the child to ensure a quality match occurs. 

We understand that communication and relationships are keys to a healthy partnership. VisionQuest has a high rate of contact between the licensing team and family. We also have an on-call team that allows us to place children and handle your emergencies 24/7, seven days a week

VisionQuest is an equal opportunity organization, and we believe a person’s race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation does not limit his or her ability to provide high quality to care to foster children. 

"I would recommend VisionQuest Foster Care. Classes are engaging, fun, and a great learning experience. Thank you for preparing us for our new journey"
-Foster Parent

VISIONQUEST child and family services team


Kara Gouveia
Program Director

Kara received her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University. Prior to joining the VisionQuest team in 2013, Kara worked as a Birth Doula. Kara has comprehensive experience in trauma informed care and has worked as a Child Care Worker, Resident Manager, and Case Manager with VisionQuest. Kara is passionate about working with youth and supporting the families that care for them.



Rachael Killmer
Licensing Specialist

Rachael has had a lifelong passion for working with and helping children. Her career in childcare has exceeded 5 years working in daycares before joining the VisionQuest team in 2015. Before becoming a part of the Foster Care team, Rachael worked in the Semi-Independent Program and was a Resident Manager in the Sibling Program. 



Vanessa Jackson
Licensing Specialist

Vanessa has 10 years experience working with youth in the foster care system. She began working for VisionQuest in 2011 and has worked in both the Semi-Independent Program and Girls Group Home. Vanessa is is a licensed foster parent and is passionate about advocating for children and providing them with the support to become successful adults.



Clinton Rice
National Trainer

Clinton received his bachelor's degree in English and minor in Education from the University of Arizona. He taught high school English before joining VisionQuest in 2012 working as a Child Care Worker Supervisor. He now acts as National Trainer for VisionQuest and is excited to share his experience and creativity with those interested in becoming Foster Parents and VisionQuest employees alike.



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