VQ Community Programs are designed for youth who need a structured environment combined with gender specific programming. VQ Community teaches the foundation of essential life skills for youth to grow into successful and productive adults. VQ Community focuses on encouraging youth to create positive routines and healthy habits in all aspects of their lives.

4 Homes Housing 40 Youth

VQ Community programs offer gender specific programming to adolescents between the ages of twelve and seventeen. There are currently two houses located on a ranch in Tucson’s foothills which serves 20 males as well as one house located in central Tucson which serves 10 females. The youth attend public school and an emphasis is placed on positive community involvement. The primary objective of the program is family reunification or successful transition into foster care, semi-independent living, or independent living.

Mullaney House located a little outside Tucson serves 10 youth. The youth at the home participate in a variety of vocational activities. Youth learn silk screening by producing t-shirts for different events in the community. Youth also raise chickens and grow vegetables onsite to sell eggs and vegetables in the community.



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