Josh's Letter

VisionQuest Mission Statement

VisionQuest is an employee-owned, comprehensive national youth services organization that adheres to the highest professional standards in providing innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. We provide extraordinary experiences and relationships that allow youth, families, and staff to redefine and reach their highest potential.

Kids are safe, valued, and honored.
Families are respected and supported.
Staff are trained, supported, and appreciated.
Communities are protected, impacted, and involved.

Core Values

North - We value our Circle
Promote mentorship, unity, integrity, a balanced team, accountability, and our unique legacy of ceremony and innovation

East - We value a safe environment
Creates an opportunity for youth, staff, and families to heal, openly communicate, and reach their highest potential

South - We value our youth and staff: past, present, and future
We are committed to high quality services, fidelity, and fairness - staff are our most valuable resource

West - We value growth and change
Positively impacts staff, youth, families, and community promoting spiritual maturity

What are we looking for?

We expect staff to serve as role models for our youth, "walking the walk" and teaching by example how to treat others, manage emotions, and work towards goals. -Bob Burton, Founder & Chairman of the Board
We think the diversity of our staff is important to the young people with whom we work. Above all we're here because we want to support the kids as they grow to adulthood.

Good parents make sacrifices for their kids because they hope that in the end, what they do will pay off. The reward is in knowing you helped make a difference. The opportunities for personal growth and a sense of accomplishment are tremendous at VisionQuest. We have incorporated the Sanctuary® Model of Trauma Informed Care into our philosophy and practice. As an agency, we are committed to addressing not only the treatment needs of our youth, but also creating safe environments for our staff and healthy functioning at all levels of the organization. By educating staff and youth on the impact of trauma, it allows us to develop program communities and interventions that allow for healing and resiliency.

There's a good deal you can learn from working alongside more experienced staff. Know that we can all learn from each other and your point of view is important. -Pete Ranalli, CEO