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Supervised Parenting is a safe, supportive and comfortable way for children to spend time with their noncustodial parents and relatives. Family Court Services are available to court-ordered participants. The program promotes the rebuilding of parent-child bonds while ensuring the safety of children. Family Court Services are available to court-ordered or voluntary participants, the program promotes the rebuilding of parent-child bonds while ensuring the safety of children.

Services are scheduled at are visitation office  and at approved off-site locations. Our staff meet with children and parents individually to provide services tailored to meet their needs.

Program features:

  • Private visiting rooms with age-appropriate toys, games, and books.
  • Flexible weekend and evening hours.
  • Visits at other off-site locations in Pima County.

Types of visits:

  • Supervised parenting time: Supervised visits of noncustodial parents and their children in our private visiting rooms or at an approved off-site location.
  • Supervised exchanges: Our staff meets parents at our offices to supervise the exchange of children.


  • Intake: $45 per parent
  • Supervised Exchange: $20 per exchange (One parent drops off the child/children, and the other parent picks up.)
  • Supervised Visitation: $60 per hour during appointment times listed above; $65 outside on holidays.
  • Supervised Phone Calls: $20 per 15 minutes or Skype video calls $25 per 15 minutes

All payment for services must be paid in advance:  

Payment Options

Money Order
Credit Cards

To make an online payment:

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Supervised Exchange
VisionQuest schedules exchanges to oversee the transfer of children from one family member to another. All exchanges occur inside one of our facilities. Both parents or their designee are separated at the time of exchange.

Supervised Visitation
VisionQuest provides supervised visitations. The supervisor does not interact in the visit but only observes and records the interactions between parents and child. Providing a safe environment to assure parents feel honored and respected are core values of the VisionQuest Family Court Program

Supervised Phone Calls and Skype Video Calls
VisionQuest provides supervised phone calls and Skype calls if a parent is unable to attend in person visits. All Skype calls are conducted in our offices.

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