Visitation Program


VisionQuest provides supervised visitation through Department of Child Safety referrals. Our Case Aides are trained by the state to implement safety guidelines for transporting family members, conducting supervised visits in a way that promotes family reunification, and practice the principles of quality documentation. Engaging families and providing a safe environment to assure parents feel honored and respected are core values of the VisionQuest Visitation Program.

VisionQuest Case Aides attend 16 hours of additional training, to assure they can meet needs of every family, including Trauma Informed Care through the Sanctuary Model and healthy crisis management techniques through JKM Inc. VisionQuest hopes with consistent visitation between parents and child, the likelihood of family reunification will increase. Depending on DCS guidelines, visits are conducted at our visitation office, in the community, or at the parent’s home.

If you are currently receiving services and need to contact Case Aide scheduling, please call (520) 326-8816 to be directed to the Case Aide Office.